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For Every 1000 pcs of a product you buy, we plant a tree.

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About us22


  • At The Sustainable Company, we are dedicated towards creating eco-friendly and customizable packaging solutions
    for a variety of food and beverage consumables by leveraging the biodegradability of certain materials.


  • Be environmentally conscious while incorporating materials into our packaging solutions.
  • Keep product and material recyclability at the core of our design philosophies.
  • Expand our product portfolio as we try and enter new verticals within the food and beverage packaging industry.
  • Provide highly customizable products in terms of the graphics and ergonomics; The Personal Touch, as we like to call it.
  • Offer a ‘DIY’ experience to our clients by offering them a range of choices for the materials
    we use to develop a packaging solution suited to their needs.
  • Design products that pack efficiently while they are being transported to our clients, and to the customers, from the clients.
    We intend to echo sustainability from end-to-end.


  • Sustainable design & innovation
  • Efficient engineering
  • Business ethics backed by morals.
  • Equal opportunities for all.

Meet our Team

Meet and Greet our Team Members


Zain Knob

Mechanical Engineer


Syndia Lee

Software Engineer


Noel Flantier

Joomla Specialist


Bobby Doe

Street Artist

Quality Check

Assured Quality check of all the Items leaving our Facility

Delivery Till Last Mile

We take the Full Responsibility of Delivering the product to your desired location.