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Our Services

 Package Consulting

  • Host brainstorming sessions with the client and understand their needs and zero-in on the solutions required.
  • Understand the brand identity and outlook the client wishes to create depending on their customer demographics – age, income group, gender dependencies etc.
  • Analyze their product range and cost of products from a customer’s perspective to suggest a packaging theme – a more welcoming feel, an exotic outlook, texture-based ideas, etc.
  • Note the modes of sales – E-commerce websites, in-store, door-to-door sales and recommend the complete packaging solution e.g., boxes, mailers for delivery options etc.

Package design and Aesthetics

  • Create CAD models according to the requirements specified by the clients – Shape, sizes, window sizes (if applicable), material etc. can be customized.
  • Strike a balance between the budget and the required aesthetics.

Packaging manufacturing

  • After the design and the materials are finalized, we move to sampling stage, where we provide samples free of cost.
  • Based on the proposed lead time, we use a hybrid model where we divide the manufacturing process between ourselves and our vast network of contract manufacturers to provide the most cost and time effective solutions.
  • QC processes are completed keeping the client-approved samples/requested changes in samples as the benchmark.

Customer analytics and client feedback

  • Via a QR code printed on the box, we can provide you with the infrastructure for collecting feedback data and also analyze it to generate meaningful insights.
  • That’s one service, which is beneficial for budding brands.

Logistics and last-mile delivery

  • 1001 things can go wrong in transport and manufacturers do not take responsibility of goods after it has left their factory.We have experienced the difficulties that arise with transport (Improper packaging of goods/ truck sharing, poor weather protection of trucks, Stacking of boxes that smash the goods, Challan and border trouble.) and ensure that the product quality is maintained and reached safely and timely to you.

Quality Check

Assured Quality check of all the Items leaving our Facility

Delivery Till Last Mile

We take the Full Responsibility of Delivering the product to your desired location.